Limited Edition Dyed Yarns

The yarns offered here are hand-dyed in small batches and are a result of a the endless quest for the ‘perfect match’ by carpet restorers. The natural dyes used are primarily madder, cochineal, and indigo. These yarns are available in limited quantities. Tubes of 2/6 fine yarn are just under 1/4 pound (100 grams) and contain 370 yards (335 meters).

2 | Cochineal Reds

Cochineal is an insect-source dye that produces a wide range of colors. Historically cochineal was primarily used to make reds, but  depending on the mordant and chemical modifiers employed, cochineal can produce a wide range of different colors.

3 | Botanical Indigos

Indigo is a plant-source dye which can be used in it’s ‘botanical’ form (a plant derivative) or in a ’synthetic’ form, which is nearly identical chemically but produces a slightly different range of color. Our yarns are dyed with both indigo sources.
Please note, we don’t wash our indigo yarns with chlorine and as such some indigo may rub off . If ‘crocking’ is a concern, please consider using the blue yarn from our standard range that have been dyed with acid dyes.

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Natural wool yarn, hand-dyed in small batches and shipped to your door.

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